Ukrainian Association “Djerelo”

Development and support of the Ukrainian diaspora in Catalonia, Spain since 2012

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Who we are and what we do

Our goal: to form a positive image of Ukraine as a modern and attractive European country.

Our mission: the development of the Ukrainian diaspora in Spain in order to strengthen international ties between Ukraine and Spain.

Olga Dzyuban founded the “Djerelo” Association in 2012 to help Ukrainians.

Ukrainians who find themselves in Spain and want to stay in this country, to integrate, have great needs for legal advice, psychological support, communication, and a warm friendly atmosphere. All this gives the compatriots “Djerelo”.

The second most important goal is to show Ukrainian culture, share traditions, create educational and cultural projects that make people’s lives rich, interesting and happy.

The main goals of the Association are:

  • Development of Ukrainian educational, cultural, social and environmental projects
  • Organization of events aimed at exchange and mutual enrichment of Ukrainians with representatives of other cultures
  • Preservation of Ukrainian cultural traditions
  • Social adaptation of Ukrainians in Spain
  • Promotion of Ukrainian manufacturers and representatives of creative industries
  • Development of the institution of volunteering in Catalonia
  • Collection of humanitarian aid for Ukraine and assistance to Ukrainian refugees. (since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, work in this direction has become more intensive)

Association “Djerelo” in numbers

As of September 1, 2022, the Humanitarian Center of the Association provided assistance to more than 1,000 Ukrainian families temporarily relocated to Spain as a result of the war in Ukraine. The Center also issued 1,593 food kits. The association has organized Spanish language courses, which are regularly attended by 70 Ukrainian refugees. Beginning in October, the opening of Spanish language courses for applicants entering Spanish universities is planned.

An average of 50 families use the services of the Humanitarian Center of the Association every day

10 years

active work in Spain


cultural events

10 years

collected humanitarian aid for Ukraine

40 000€

transferred to help Ukraine (Armed Forces, civilian population)

more than 100

volunteers were involved to help

3 educational projects

founded in Barcelona

more than 2500

product sets

almost 100

people attend courses

25 people

study at courses for entrants

The founder of the Association, Olga Dzyuban, talks about our plans for the future

The association implements cultural, educational, humanitarian projects, attracting funds from patrons and foundations, relying on the support of caring people, creating a circle of like-minded people.

We inspire the creation of new modern projects aimed at the popularization and development of Ukrainian culture and art. We report to members and patrons, we attract new partners, we have big plans.

In essence, the “Djerelo” association is an umbrella-type organization.

The association actively conducts the following activities:

  • Festival “Embroidery as the code of the nation” (Lyudmila Skitenko, “Academy of Success”)
  • Helping participants (wounded) of events on the Maidan (Revolution of Dignity)
  • Material and monetary assistance to soldiers of the ATO and ZSU, wounded in the war, rehabilitation in Barcelona
  • Material assistance to orphans in orphanages in Ukraine
  • Vespers
  • Meetings with contemporary Ukrainian writers and presentations of their works
  • Photo exhibitions and exhibitions of paintings by Ukrainian artists
  • Legal seminars with the participation of highly qualified specialists
  • Concerts of famous Ukrainian singers and dance groups
  • Participation in local festivals of the city of Barcelona (Merce, Festival “Sopas del Mundo”

Members of the Association can:

  • Teach children at the “New Generation” school
  • Take language courses, use the library
  • Attend educational events
  • Participate in and organize cultural and artistic events
  • Receive legal advice and assistance, as well as psychological advice

To become a member of the association, you need to have a desire, contact us, pass a short interview, and pay membership fees. You can fill out the form right here on the site, we will contact you.

Welcome to our big family, now the association has more than 1000 members.

Membership fee is 15 euros per year.
Become a member of the “Djerelo” Association


Art show “Vyshyvanka, as the code of the nation”


Art show “Vyshyvanka, as the code of the nation”

In more detail
Charity concert for the victims of the war in Ukraine


Charity concert for the victims of the war in Ukraine

In more detail

Our team

Olha Dzyuban

Head of Ukrainian Association “Djerelo”

Diana Malysh

Manager of communications and digital projects

Mariana Sorochuk

Deputy president of the Ukrainian Association “Djerelo”, Head of the Ukrainian Center in Barcelona

Irina Dendiouk

Director of the Theater Studio

Igor Lapchynskyi

A graduate lawyer. Specializes in migration, corporate, tax and international law, as well as social and pension law in Spain.

Get in touch with us

Follow the Association’s Facebook page. We write about events that have taken place and are planned, announcements, inform about changes in legislation, invite to courses, talk about interesting things.

Our address is: Carrer de Pamplona, 113
metro Marina or Glories


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