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Why did we create a Ukrainian kindergarten in Spain?

Why did we create a Ukrainian kindergarten in Spain?

From time immemorial, a tree has been a symbol of family, wisdom and strength, infinity of life for man. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to plant a real Ukrainian garden in Barcelona, we did it, and thus took part in the global environmental project “Greening the Planet”.

On March 27, 2021, the Ukrainian community of Barcelona, with the support of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Barcelona and local authorities, planted a Ukrainian garden dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence on Montjuic mountain in Barcelona.

Representatives of the Ukrainian associations: “Zherelo”, “Blagosvit”, “Sonrisas de Ukraina”, the Ukrainian school named after T. Shevchenko and the Ukrainian school “Mriya”, the ensemble “Kalyna” operating under the Ukrainian Association “Zherelo”, all employees of the Consulate General , who came with their families, 30 trees were planted.

Sincere thanks from the “Source” Association:
  • To the employees of the City Hall of Barcelona
  • Head of the Intercultural and Religious Pluralism Department
  • Department of Culture, Education, Science and Public Relations Sra. Núria Serra and Busquets
  • To the Executive Coordinator of Environmental Protection Services, Antonio García Bravo
  • To the Director of Care of Parks and Squares of the District of Sants, Montjuic, Example Sra. Lourdes Carreras
  • Sra.Emma Adea, responsible for the care of the plantings on Mount Montjuic
  • All the employees of the landscaping group of the park, who helped us, gave advice
  • Thank you for your support to Consul General Artem Vorobyov and Consul Oleksandr Dzyoma, who immediately responded to the community’s request for assistance in preparing for the planting of the Ukrainian Garden in Barcelona!
So let the Ukrainian kindergarten grow and flourish on Spanish soil!

Will we still be planting trees on Montjuic?

Of course! And planting trees will become a good tradition. Now we are looking for landscape architects from Ukraine for advice and help.

If you know landscape design, have made Ukrainian gardens, flower beds, then welcome! We will be happy to work together and make our garden on Montjuic mountain a favorite place of rest for all residents of Catalonia.

Welcome to our extended family

The association implements cultural, educational, humanitarian projects, attracting funds from patrons and foundations, relying on the support of caring people, creating a circle of like-minded people.

We inspire the creation of new modern projects aimed at the popularization and development of Ukrainian culture and art. We report to members and patrons, we attract new partners, we have big plans.

Members of the Association can:

  • Teach children at the “New Generation” school
  • Take language courses, use the library
  • Attend educational events
  • Participate in and organize cultural and artistic events
  • Receive legal advice and assistance, as well as psychological advice

To become a member of the association, you need to have a desire, contact us, pass a short interview, and pay membership fees. You can fill out the form right here on the site, we will contact you.

Welcome to our big family, now the association has more than 1000 members.

Membership fee is 15 euros per year.
I want to be a member of the “Source” Association


Art show “Vyshyvanka, as the code of the nation”


Art show “Vyshyvanka, as the code of the nation”

In more detail
Charity concert for the victims of the war in Ukraine


Charity concert for the victims of the war in Ukraine

In more detail

Our team

Olha Dzyuban

Head of Ukrainian Association “Djerelo”

Diana Malysh

Manager of communications and digital projects

Mariana Sorochuk

Deputy president of the Ukrainian Association “Djerelo”, Head of the Ukrainian Center in Barcelona

Irina Dendiouk

Director of the Theater Studio

Igor Lapchynskyi

A graduate lawyer. Specializes in migration, corporate, tax and international law, as well as social and pension law in Spain.

Get in touch with us

Follow the Association’s Facebook page. We write about events that have taken place and are planned, announcements, inform about changes in legislation, invite to courses, talk about interesting things.

Our address is: Carrer de Pamplona, 113
metro Marina or Glories


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